WAIST TRAINERS - 25 Boned Ultimate Latex Waist Trainer for Slimming, Shape and Curve

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Maximum Curves and Shape

❤ benefit of a corset and comfort-ability of a latex all rolled into one
❤ 25-real steel bones
❤ 100% smooth latex
❤ 3 hook and eye closure in front
❤ ideal for Stay at Home Moms, Students/Office Moms who spend most of their time sitting
❤ best latex for curving our waist
❤ the 25-steel bones  are  great for back support
❤ easy to wear since it is a hook and eye closure in front
❤ best for post-partum, cs or normal
❤ can be used while eating
❤ can be used while sleeping for faster results
❤ can be used as innerwear for loose clothing, not for fitted clothes - thick material

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